Who Is Goodness Psychiatry and How Can They Help You

Who Is Goodness Psychiatry?

Goodness Psychiatry is a mental health practice — it’s a place where you can feel accepted, validated and cared for with genuine empathy and compassion.The practice’s philosophy is based on the idea that getting mental health care is an act of compassion for oneself — believing that you can recover and actively playing a part in your healing process.
Going through psychological issues and concealing them isn’t easy.
People who battle with severe mental health disorders find it incredibly hard to go about their normal lives.There can be demotivation, emotional distance, mental and physical exhaustion, outbursts/meltdowns, mood swings, and many more.At times like these, it becomes important to find professional support that can help you get out of such a headspace and shift your mindset towards a healthy and positive one.
Goodness Psychiatry provides support when you need it; we want you to help you find inner peace and wellness.

Licensed Professionals

Goodness Psychiatry is led by psychiatric and mental health nurse practitioners – Fadekemi Olude, MSN, PMHNP-BC, and Jelilat Buhari, PMHNP-BC.
Their approach is based on guiding patients toward good mental health through a combination of clinical experience and modern psychiatric knowledge.

How Can Goodness Psychiatry Help You?

Goodness Psychiatry offers a helping hand in many ways – we intend to be a mental health retreat in Texas.
If you experience anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression, ADHD, PTSD, OCD, dissociative disorder, schizophrenia, or addiction and substance use disorders — we can provide care, guidance, and treatment to help you cope and get through your issues.
Here are the ways we can treat your condition:

  1. Assessment and diagnosis. Our providers assess and examine your condition and also gather information related to your mental and physical health.

The assessment also includes interviews and questionnaires.
We listen to you, and learn about how you feel and what you’re struggling with and from there, we develop an accurate diagnosis, if necessary. After that, we form a custom care plan for you.

  1. Medication management. In any case, if your treatment plan includes medication, we’ll make sure you’re taking it safely under our supervision.

We’ll check your progress and manage your medication regimen accordingly.

  1. Oral ketamine treatment. If you’ve tried other treatment methods before and they didn’t respond well to your condition and your symptoms didn’t subside, we can consider adding oral ketamine treatment to your treatment plan.

We’ll make sure you’re a suitable candidate for it first, of course, so there aren’t any complications.
Oral ketamine is most effective for people who battle with major depression disorder.

  1. Supportive psychotherapy.We provide psychotherapy sessions to you. Psychotherapy helps change your mindset, thoughts, and feelings from negative to positive ones.

Our sessions are private and provide customized therapy according to your needs. Our care also focuses on the holistic model so we can heal you mentally, emotionally, and physically.

  1. Addiction and substance abuse treatment. Providers at Goodness Psychiatry can help and guide people to reduce their substance dependence.

There’s no judgment and shame; the space is only for you to heal find your way forward.

Goodness Psychiatry Provides Both In-Person & Telepsychiatry Services

Based in Arlington, Texas, Goodness Psychiatry provides mental health care to everyone.
You can also book a telepsychiatry appointment with us.
If you prefer, you can also book an in-person visit at our Grand Praire office – we welcome all visitors from the surrounding region.
It comes down to what is comfortable and convenient for you.
To schedule your visit, kindly contact us through our online form, or you can also call us at (972) 449-7614.
Please know that help is available; we’re always here for you. Reach out today.


If I don’t have a mental health diagnosis, can I still get therapy?

Yes, therapy is for anyone looking to find support.

How much does each session cost?

For self-paying patients, these are the costs:
Initial Evaluation: $200
Follow-up Sessions: $100

Can I use insurance to cover my sessions?

Yes you can, we accept most major insurance plans.

What is the treatment plan for medication? Is it prescribed right away?

Medication is discussed as part of a comprehensive treatment plan and we will only prescribe it when it’s needed or necessary.

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