Does ketamine therapy get you high

Does ketamine therapy get you high? Many people are now getting ketamine therapy to help deal with depression.
A disturbed mind makes it difficult to recall and think about bad thoughts.
Some people block out memories of their bad moments by blanking their minds.
Years ago, ketamine was invented as an anesthetic. It is now also used to treat mental health issues that are related to anxiety and insomnia.
If you feel unwell, there is support and help available to you.
Sometimes people can feel sad, depressed, or strange due to bad events in their lives. Getting better is hard when you don’t feel right.
But you don’t have to do it alone. You can count on GOODNESS PSYCHIATRY to assist you along the way.
We want to help make you feel better and enjoy your life ahead. We have health professionals who listen to your concerns with empathy.

What is Ketamine Therapy?

Ketamine therapy uses ketamine, a medication known as an anesthetic, in measured amounts to help with mental health conditions.
It’s especially used to cope with treatment-resistant depression and certain chronic pain conditions.
Ketamine therapy can be administered through an IV, a nasal spray or shot during therapy sessions.
Ketamine therapy is given under medical supervision for safety reasons.
When the ketamine is administered, the bad feelings and thoughts disappear because of it’srapid action.
Ketamine is given just enough to help, not enough to feel too strange.
The doctors help you through it so you feel better on the inside.
Ketamine therapy is effective for issues like depression and traumatic memories.

What Does Ketamine Therapy Feel Like?

Ketamine therapy can feel like:

  • Dissociation or detachment.
  • Altered perception of time and space.
  • A rapid improvement in mood or euphoria.
  • Deep relaxation with possible drowsiness.
  • An increase in self-awareness and emotional release.
  • Lingering positive effects on mood.

When searching for “ketamine therapy near me”, make sure you pick the option that is best according to your preferences.

Benefits of Ketamine Therapy

The benefits of the ketamine therapy are as follows;

  • When other medicines don’t seem to help, people feel down and sad. When nothing else worked, ketamine might help lift their mood.
  • Those with bipolar mood swings between very happy and very sad or mad. Ketamine could help during sad times if the other medications didn’t work.
  • Soldiers with terrible, haunting war memories who cannot be cured by other treatments. Ketamine might reduce memories that won’t stop bothering them.
  • People with body pain that never goes away and worry feelings that don’t stop even with different medications. Ketamine’s fast calming effects may help these when other things fail.
  • Anyone thinking about hurting themselves because they are depressed. Ketamine can quickly lessen suicidal thoughts when depression is very bad, providing emergency help.

Ketamine Therapy Cost

Ketamine therapy costs differ from place to place. It depends on where you go, how many treatments you need, and where you live. Nevertheless, usually, people pay between 300-600 each time they get the IV or shot. Some clinics charge about 250 for the first meeting with the doctor.
Accordingly, the full cost is around 1,500-$3,500 total usually. Some health insurance helps pay now, but only after trying other methods first.
For many people struggling with feeling down or other brain problems, ketamine therapy can help when other things don’t work.

Is Ketamine Nasal Spray Addictive?

The use of ketamine sprays for the nose can be abused by some people if they are not careful.
When ketamine is used to experience a different sensation without a doctor, it can make people want to use it more.
In contrast, when doctors give it for treatment of negative feelings, the chance of getting hooked is usually small.
For those who had trouble before with drugs, the risk might be a little higher. So, doctor supervision is extra important for them.
Inclusive, ketamine nasal sprays given properly as medicine are unlikely to create a major need for it, unlike some other drugs.
The risk is small compared to abuse of other substances.


People getting ketamine treatment get effective and reliable results. When other things don’t help much, ketamine eases trouble feelings nicely.
The way ketamine helps doesn’t last forever.  It improves how you truly feel and gives hope.
If something in your head causes worry, you can try ketamine therapy.
Our mental health professional will examine you and suggest the best course of action.
Getting help isn’t always easy. Despite the good times, there are also bad times. But we’re here to walk with you. Our main concern is your well-being and comfort.
You can contact us about ketamine and mental health concerns. You don’t need to go through this alone. We want to support you and recommend the best possible solution for you.


What disqualifies you from ketamine therapy?

Being pregnant or having certain medical conditions could disqualify you from ketamine therapy.
It’s important to discuss your full health history with the doctor.

How old do you have to be for ketamine therapy?

Ketamine therapy is only provided to patients aged 18 and over due to safety considerations.
However, some clinics may make exceptions for minors in severe situations on a case-by-case basis.

What to think about during ketamine therapy?

During ketamine therapy, focus on introspection, emotions, and therapeutic insights.
Create a comfortable environment and be open to exploring thoughts and feelings guided by the therapeutic process.

What is ketamine-assisted therapy?

Ketamine-assisted therapy uses low doses of ketamine combined with behavioral therapy to help patients work through difficult issues and view their mental health conditions in a new light.

Does ketamine therapy help with ADHD?

According to some modern research, ketamine may help reduce ADHD symptoms like impulsivity and hyperactivity for a period after treatment.

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