when is men's mental health month

Most often you wonder about when is men’s Mental Health Month and look for information about it.
So, every June, mental health organizations across the U.S. recognize Men’s Mental Health Month.
This awareness month sheds light on important issues.
These often affect men, such as depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and suicide.
Many events and initiatives are held to encourage men of all ages to focus on their emotional well-being.
These can include educational seminars, screenings, support groups, and more.
If any of your loved ones suffer from mental issues, it’s better to consult a mental health professional.
You can therefore consult Goodness Psychiatry.
Our psychiatric and mental health professionals are here to take you out of the scary world of anxiety.

Understanding Men’s Mental Health Concerns

Mental health affects everyone, yet for men, it can be a struggle to recognize issues and seek help.
Traditional concepts of masculinity sometimes discourage vulnerability or emotional expression.
Yet, mental illness is nothing to feel ashamed of.
Many common issues impact men. Depression is more likely to lead to suicide in males. Men also have higher rates of substance abuse problems.
Raising awareness helps change perceptions so men feel comfortable prioritizing well-being.
Psychiatric experts can diagnose issues and recommend treatment options tailored to men’s needs.
It is inaccurate to assume that being sad or worried makes a man unreliable.
It’s okay to ask for help when you don’t feel good makes it easier for men to take care of themselves.
If you have any questions and want guidance from a mental health professional, contact us.

The Statistics of Men’s Mental Health

According to research, around 6.7 million men have experienced significant depression within the past year.
However, men are less likely to be diagnosed or seek treatment.
Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death for all Americans but the 4th leading cause for men aged 35-54.
Around 77% of all suicide deaths are by men.
Approximately 16.7 million adult men battled an alcohol use disorder in 2020. Alcohol abuse is more prevalent among males and often goes untreated.
Millions of men misuse illegal substances each year. Drug overdose is now a top 10 cause of death for males.
Men are more at risk of addiction. Surveys find higher rates of loneliness and social isolation.
Studies show that fewer men get help from a counselor when they have a mental health problem.
In 2021, over 40% of men didn’t find help. Only under 30% of women did the same.
Men are also more likely to take their own life. The CDC says suicide is the second most common cause of death for men ages 10 to 34.

Importance of Men’s Mental Health Awareness

Normalizing the conversation around feelings allows men to recognize signs of mental illness. Right now, many struggle in silence.

  • Seeking help is encouraged when men understand common conditions. These depressions are medical issues, not character flaws.
  • Early intervention is critical since many mental health issues tend to worsen without treatment.
  • Suicide rates could drop with more understanding of depression. It encourages coping in healthy ways rather than substance abuse.
  • Relationships and family stability benefit when men can practice honest communication.

Strategies for Improving Men’s Mental Health

Some strategies can be applied to improve mental health.

Education campaigns to raise awareness of common conditions. These are depression and anxiety and how to recognize signs.

  • Public service announcements promoting resources like therapy or support groups.
  • Workshops for men on developing emotional intelligence, communication skills, and stress management techniques.
  • Peer support networks where men can discuss struggles with others.
  • Integrating mental wellness checkups as a routine part of annual physical exams for men.
  • Partnerships between healthcare providers, community centers, and gyms.

When is Men’s Mental Health Month in the US

It’s in June. It’s the month to tell people it’s okay to talk about feelings and get support if needed.
Men’s Mental Health Month started in 1994.
During June, groups do things to teach people about problems that affect many men’s feelings.
Things like being very sad, worried, using drugs too much, or wanting to commit suicide.
They want men to know taking care of your feelings is essential. Getting help is being brave, not weak.
There are talks, counseling, and groups where men can go. They learn about getting help and where to find it.


When is Men’s Mental Health Month? Men’s Mental Health Month is observed in June each year.
It breaks the stigma surrounding mental health challenges that men may face.
This month serves as a crucial reminder to focus on mental health. It also fosters an understanding environment for all.
Talk with men in your circle or family who are facing mental health.
You may ask them to seek help from any mental health professional.
Likewise, you may rely on Goodness Psychiatry to get better assistance and support that leads to a happier life.


Is there a men’s mental health month?

Men’s Mental Health Month is observed each June in the United States.
It was established in 1994 by mental health advocate Jay Cooke, who wanted a time to educate the public and encourage men to seek help.

Why is Men’s Mental Health Month ignored?

Men’s Mental Health Month is sometimes ignored due to the stigma around men discussing emotions.

Is June a man’s mental health month?

Yes, June has been designated Men’s Mental Health Month in the United States.
It was founded in 1994 to raise awareness of mental health issues faced by men.
Events are held throughout the month to provide education and resources.

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