how to deal with someone who is bipolar and angry

Having to deal with someone who has bipolar disorder and anger issues can be difficult.
You can show empathy and listen actively — let them feel listened to and understood.
If you or anyone close to you is dealing with bipolar disorder, you can reach out to Goodness Psychiatry.
To learn more about how to deal with someone who is bipolar and angry, please read on.

What Are Bipolar Rage Attacks?

Bipolar rage attacks are intense episodes of anger that occur in people with bipolar disorder.
During these episodes people might scream and verbally abuse others.
These rage attacks can happen during both depressive and hypomanic or manic phases of the bipolar disorder condition.
Getting professional help and having coping strategies are super important to managing these intense emotions.
There is support available to help you manage bipolar disorder.
Thus, contact us to get support and treatment for bipolar disorder.

How To Deal with Someone Who Is Bipolar and AngryA Few Tips

  1. Be calm and affirm what they are feeling.

Arguing or trying to reason will only complicate the situation even more.
Try listening to them without being judgmental and understand that it is real.

  1. If needed give them some space.

Give them some space to cool off naturally by creating some distance from the situation.
Assure them that you’re there to talk whenever they feel ready.

  1. Suggest seeking help and support.

Provide advice on managing their anger and bipolar disorder by recommending assistance, for instance, finding a therapist or accompanying them to appointments.

  1. Remind them of ways to cope.

If they have techniques, like breathing exercises or journaling gently encourage them to use these methods.
While you can’t control their emotions you can control your reactions – aim for a constructive response instead of an emotional one.

  1. Establish boundaries when needed.

It’s important to set boundaries in situations or when faced with requests – communicate your boundaries clearly and respectfully.

What Happens When You Ignore a Bipolar Person?

  1. Loneliness and Isolation

The feeling of being ignored by someone with bipolar disorder is very lonely for them.

  1. Mood Swings

People with bipolar disorder have severe mood changes.
Mood swings can become more serious if you ignore them.
It’s like being on a rollercoaster they can’t control.

  1. Serious Consequences

Ignoring a bipolar person can cause negative consequences.
They might hurt themselves or even consider suicide.
Being kind and understanding is essential especially when they’re struggling.

How Does a Person with Bipolar Think?

Manic Episodes

During manic episodes, a person might:

  • Have acing thoughts.
  • Cling to inflated beliefs.
  • Become involved in risky behaviors.

These thoughts can be quick, full of self-confidence and self-sufficient feelings.

Depressive Episodes

During depressive episodes, the same person might experience:

  • Destructive/self-defeating thoughts or situations.
  • Feel tired/lazy.
  • Have difficulty concentrating.

It’s important to realize these patterns are different for different people and each experience can be distinctive.

How To Deal with Someone Who Is Bipolar in a Relationship

How To Deal with Someone Who Is Bipolar in a Relationship

Bipolar disorder manifests as fluctuating moods and super intense emotions in people.
You can affirm your partner’s feelings and experiences and acknowledge that what they’re going through is real.
You can build a closer bond and a more trusting relationship through empathy.

Some Helpful Resources:

To Wrap Up

How to deal with someone who is bipolar and angry? 

  • When interacting with an angry person, remain calm and composed.
  • Ensure you listen to their thoughts and feelings without making judgments against them.
  • Make them feel calm by removing yourself from the situation without reacting.
  • Look for positive options/solutions that can help.
  • Resolve conflicts with positive/constructive dialogue.
  • Place healthy boundaries.

Supporting someone with bipolar disorder takes patience, compassion, and a willingness to be educated about the disorder.
To get more resources for bipolar disorder, please reach out directly to us at Goodness Psychiatry.


How do you calm someone with anger and bipolar?

  • Speak calmly.
  • Acknowledge their feelings.
  • Suggest taking a break to cool off.
  • Encourage open communication when they’re ready to discuss calmly.

How does a bipolar person act when angry?

During anger episodes, a bipolar person shows intense and erratic behavior, — ranging from explosive outbursts to increased irritability, influenced by the specific phase of their bipolar disorder.

How do you make a bipolar person happy?

Supportive communication and understanding their needs while encouraging them to engage in activities they enjoy can improve a bipolar person’s happiness.

What not to say to someone with bipolar?

Avoid making dismissive comments or downplaying their experiences.
Also, avoid blaming their emotions on their bipolar disorder without taking all factors into account.

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