Recovering from Psychotic Disorders

What Are Psychotic Disorders?

Psychotic disorders are a group of mental health conditions that can cause people to see, hear, or believe things that others don’t.

These conditions often affect how one thinks, feels, and behaves.

Types of Psychotic Disorders



Schizophrenia is a serious condition that can start in early adulthood. It causes experiences like hearing voices, believing in things that aren't real, or having disorganized thoughts.


Schizoaffective Disorder

Schizoaffective disorder combines symptoms of schizophrenia and mood disturbances—this can result in periods of depression, mania, or a mix of both, alongside psychotic symptoms.


Schizophreniform Disorder

Schizophreniform disorder shares similarities with schizophrenia but lasts for a shorter period of time, usually less than 6 months. It includes symptoms like hallucinations, delusions, and disorganized thinking.


Brief Psychotic Disorder

A brief psychotic disorder is when someone has a sudden, short episode of psychosis.

These episodes usually last from a day to a month, and the person can experience things like hallucinations or confusion.


Delusional Disorder

It involves having strong and unshakable false beliefs (delusions).

These beliefs usually revolve around being persecuted, having special powers, or being in love with someone famous.


Substance-Induced Psychotic Disorder

A person under the influence of drugs or alcohol can experience temporary psychosis, which will cause them to see or hear things that they do not normally hear or see.



Catatonia involves changes in a person's movements and behavior. It's not a separate condition but can be seen in various psychotic disorders.

How We Can Help


These conditions can be complex. We provide treatment for people experiencing any of these disorders.

Thorough Psychiatric Evaluation

We start by understanding your situation and the severity of your condition.

Medication Management

Medication can be an important part of treatment for some disorders.


Therapy can help you manage your condition and make a positive impact on your life.

Help is Within Reach


With the right treatment and support, those battling such disorders can have fulfilling and productive lives.
For more information on our services or to schedule an appointment, please reach out.

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